How to Write on Car Windows with Window Markers

Last updated on June 17th, 2020

Time to Read: 6 minutes

Etching out your team name and color all over your car windows is peak fandom. Whether your en-route to your tailgate or just traveling around town, this grabs attention more than any amount of car magnets or bumper stickers. 

Writing on car windows is surprisingly simple with window markers, and it’s something that you can use for more than just sports. You can advertise car sales, deliver a political message, celebrate a wedding/birthday/graduation, or even prank a friend. 

In the old days, many people used shoe polish to write on windows, but this involved scraping and inconvenient clean-up that could scratch the surface of the window. These days, you can find special temporary window markers that are easy to use and can be cleaned off without too much effort.

How to Write on Car Windows with Window Markers

The process of writing on car windows with window markers is pretty simple. Pull out your markers and start drawing away, just like you would on a blank canvas. Keep your design pretty simple. Window markers have fat tips and don’t allow for intricate designs. Plus, at distances that others will see your windows, you want large and bold designs, rather than small and precise ones.

Our #1 Tip on Using Window Markers

how to use car window markers

The best method for writing on your window is to do so from the inside out.

This means that you are writing/drawing inside of your car, not outside. This protects your design from all of the elements outside and will allow for it to last indefinitely. 

The downsides to doing this are that it’s a bit more difficult (everything must be written backwards!), and it can also be messier.

We do have a way to make the backwards drawing easier, and that is to attach a template of what you want to write on your window on the outside, so the writing appears backward when you are inside. Then, from inside the car, simply trace your design as you see it through the glass. 

If you are particularly skilled at writing or drawing with markers and pens, you can try drawing on your window without using templates. Make sure you have a damp cloth close by when you write on your window so you can correct any mistakes.

How Long Do Car Window Markers Last?

Well, if your design is done on the inside like we previously discussed, it’ll last indefinitely. If your design is on the outside – it depends.

The duration of your car window paint on the outside varies according to the type of window marker you use, the time of year, the amount of precipitation, and other factors. Some painters are happy when the writing lasts an entire month, even with several rains, whereas others may see that theirs barely lasts through the first dew. 

The average window marker should last at least a week, which is enough time for your big game, wedding, or other special occasions.

How to Clean Car Window Markers

A good window marker should be cleaned off with a damp cloth and some scrubbing. A little water may be enough, but you could use a drop of dish soap on the cloth if needed. Some types of markers require more scrubbing to get off than others. Among brands of window markers reviewed on Amazon, some customers said it was relatively simple to get the writing off, while others complained that professional cleaning was needed.

Best Car Window Markers


These markers have eight times more ink than the average marker with eight markers in a set. The nibs have three tips drawing for wide, bold, and thin lines. The ink is water-based and can be wiped off with a wet cloth. There are eight colors in a set, including white, pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, red, and orange.


These markers received mainly positive reviews with some customers complaining that they found the ink to be poor quality. Unlike some other window markers, there were no complaints that the writing was hard to remove. Customers were happy with the vibrant colors, the ease of use, and how simple they were to clean. Some complained that the ink was runny and the writing didn’t last long. Others were unhappy that the ink tended to leak. However, most reported good results.


These window writers come in red, white, and blue. According to the description, the writing stays on even in the rain and the design of the container can prevent the liquid from spilling out of the bottle by mistake. According to the description, the ink does not crack or flake off.


Customers praised the bright colors produced by these items and the ease of use. The most common complaint was that the writing was hard to remove without plenty of scrubbing. One person said they had to take their car to a professional to get all of the writing off. Another customer said that the liquid can chip car paint. One customer was happy that the writing was still on the car window after a month. Another customer said the color was a bit streaky. However, most reviews were four or five stars, and overall, customers were satisfied with this product.


These markers come in super bold and bright white. The chalk ink applies easily and has no odor. They are non-toxic, do not leave a dusty residue, and can be cleaned off easily on non-porous surfaces with a damp cloth. They’ll stay put in light rain but are not recommended for moderate to heavy rain.


Most reviews on Amazon gave this product four or five stars, and the product seems to reflect its description. However, one reviewer cautioned that the market was a little difficult to remove from the window and left streaks. One described the markers as “juicy” and easy to control. There was also a good tip that the markers should be shaken thoroughly before use and that it may take a bit of rubbing with a damp cloth to get the marks completely off.

Window Markers Are a Great Way to Write on Car Windows

Decorating your windows with slogans can be a fun and colorful way to express yourself on the road. Window markers are a convenient way of writing on your windows and can be relatively easy to clean up. The amount of time the writing lasts and how easy the ink is to clean off can vary according to the markers you purchase, so it may be worthwhile to test your markers on a pane of inexpensive glass before using it on your car windows.