Hex Cup Beer Pong Revolutionizes a Classic Game

Time to Read: 2 minutes

A tailgate game that needs no introduction, beer pong is an absolute classic. The game is simple, and it hasn’t changed much over the years, equipment included. It doesn’t really need to change, because it just works. But what if we told you that there’s a quick and affordable way to make a big improvement to your beer pong setup? 

The people at HEXCUP have revolutionized beer pong by re-inventing the Solo cup. Enter hex cup beer pong. These brilliant minds have made re-racking faster, sped up gameplay, reduced slippage, and added a wow factor with hex cup beer pong.

The first thing that you’ll notice with hex cup beer pong is the strange, hexagonal cup shape. Rather than rack with traditional, round beer pong cups, you fit these hex cups in so that they fit tightly, with no gap between the edges. This results in a cleaner look on your table, quicker scoring for faster gameplay, and easier and faster racking. You can literally bunch the cups up together in a rough triangle and squeeze them in to rack your game. The formation will be perfect, too, so no more barking from your opponent about a crooked setup.

HEXCUP’s beer pong cups also come with some sweet grooves on the bottom of the cups that eliminate the sliding or ghosting you get out of regular cups on a wet or sloped surface. 

The hex cup is much more durable than solo cups that you’re used to, so rather than going through 20 solo cups for every tailgate, you can take your hex cups home with you, wash, and reuse. These things will last for years if you don’t straight up smash them.

HEXCUP sells a great set on Amazon that includes 22 hex cups (10 for beer, 2 for water), 2 white ping pong balls, and 1 red ping pong ball when you’re “on fire.” Grab a set up these to really amp up your beer pong game and wow your friends at your next tailgate. Hex cup beer pong rules!