Crown Shades Canopy (10×10) Review 2020

Last updated on June 17th, 2020

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The CROWN Shades 10×10 Pop up Canopy is a mid-range pop up tent, labeled as “Amazon’s Choice” on Amazon. It’s a solid tent to bring to your tailgate, offering good protection from the elements and good durability after frequent use. There are some quality concerns, but nothing that should scare you away. Let’s deep-dive into this Crown Shades Canopy.

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This Crown Shades Canopy measures 10×10, providing a full 100 square feet of shade and is adjustable in height with 9 feet being the peak at center. This will cover up to 6 people comfortably. The frame is made of steel, and the canopy is made of 150D silver coat fabric that protects against the sun’s UV rays. The canopy is both fire and water-resistant. The tip of the canopy has an air vent to maximize airflow and release at least some hot air on a summer day. The included storage bag has wheels and fits all of the pieces.


This canopy comes entirely assembled, even to the extent that the fabric canopy is attached to the metal frame. Most come separately. 

Once the tent is pulled out of the storage bag, 1 person must push upwards on the center of the canopy to push the canopy and legs to the desired height. This frame is crazy simple to set up. Most pop up tents require two people to set up, but not the Crown Shades canopy.

A button attached to each leg allows for height adjustments. There are holes in each of the four corners of the canopy where rope can be strung through and tied. 

The other end of these four ropes must be tied to an anchoring stake and then placed into the ground. Anchoring stakes can also be placed within holes at the bottom of each of the four metal legs to ensure stability. The stakes are only necessary when there are some pretty strong winds.


This Crown Shades Canopy is water, flame, heat, and sun resistant. It can remain stable during light to medium rain or wind and moderate weather conditions, but should not be used during storms or harsh weather conditions. Rain will soak and drip through over extended periods of time. 

The frame is made of high-quality, strong steel that is white-powder coated to prevent rust and peeling, and the anchoring stakes stick firmly into the ground to hold the canopy steady. The canopy has a long lifetime, often lasting a few years of frequent use. Longer if taken care of.


There are 4 accessories included with The Crown Shades Canopy: 1 steel frame and canopy, 1 wheeled carrying bag, 4 guy ropes that are attachable to the canopy and the stakes, and 8 ground stakes, 4 to adhere the frame’s legs to the ground and 4 to tie to the rope and provide extra support.


There is no available information about the warranty online, except that it is 1 year long. More information about the warranty must be gathered from the individual seller or directly from the manufacturer.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are not included with the product upon purchase; however, parts can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, Crown Shades.


Many of the positive reviews rave about how easy the canopy is to assemble. It only takes a few seconds and a single person to complete. This is not common with these pop up tents. It’s long-lasting as well. Several customers report that the canopy lasted several years, even during rain and wind.

Common negative comments are how expensive the canopy is for the types of materials used. There are reports of flimsy stitching and rips in the fabric, allowing water and sun to pass through. Several customers have reported damaged packaging upon delivery, with little assistance from customer service and the warranty department.


  • Easy to set up, only one person required
  • Provides instant and copious shade
  • Tall design
  • Water, heat, and flame resistant canopy
  • Stable frame and legs during moderate weather conditions
  • Long lifetime


  • Slightly overpriced for the quality
  • Not sturdy in heavy rain or wind
  • Flimsy stitching and prone to tears
  • Unreliable customer service and questionable warranty

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