5 Best Tailgate Tent Options for 2020

Last updated on June 17th, 2020

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The right tailgate tent can make or break your day. When you’re enjoying your meal before or after the game or want to hang out and cheer on your team during the game, you need a comfortable place to hang out. Here are the best tailgate tent options available for the 2020 season. We’ve got three premium options and two budget options. You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Our Tailgate Tent Recommendations

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Coleman Instant Canopy

Coleman are experts in the outdoors, and this tent lives up to their reputation. The canopy is 10×10 feet and made of heavy-duty, water-resistant material with Coleman’s own UVGuard built-in to protect you from the sun’s rays. The canopy has vent at the top which will be much appreciated on stifling days under the sun.

This tent is among the best-looking. It screams class with its low profile seams and sleek curves. Unfortunately, for sports fans, there are no color options, so if you do go for this tailgate tent, you are stuck with their single color of white and pea green. It’s pretty light at 41.6 pounds, and a wheeled bag is included, making it even easier to move around on the ground.

Owners of this tent praise its ease of setup and teardown. Coleman claims that one person can set the tent up in 3 minutes, and they’re not lying. Setup is easy and made more pleasant with red buttons to hold as you extend the poles and lock them in place. These are easy to operate, unlike many other tents, and all but eliminate painful pinches of your skin.

As for downsides, the biggest is likely its stability and durability over time or in inclement weather. The canopy material is relatively lightweight, and the frame is as well. This is great because it makes it easy to set up and maneuver, but it can become a problem in heavy rain or winds, and over time, the canopy may develop pinholes or tears. You can always replace the canopy periodically, should this happen.

Eurmax 10×10 EZ Pop Up Canopy Tent

This tent is 10×10 and is made of 500D fire-resistant coated polyester and 100% waterproof. The sidewall is made of 201D high-quality material. The seams are reinforced, and steel D rings in each corner make the tent durable. The height is adjustable, with the maximum level at a lofty 11 feet.

The set comes with a canopy frame and top, a roller bag, and canopy weights. A peak tensioner ensures the right fit and easy to manipulate buttons keep your fingers from getting pinched when you set up the tent. The walls attach and come apart easily with velcro. The tent is available in a lot of colors which is great to suit your favorite team.

Most customers are happy with this tent. One person said the tent stood up to several days of rain and wind. Others reinforced the idea that this is a strong, high-quality tent, but noted it takes physical strength to set it up and probably not just one, but two strong people.

Others said it wasn’t the complexity of the set-up process that was inconvenient and found this phase easy, but said the tent was heavy to transport. Many customers praised this product for extras, like walls and sandbags for weight. One customer said there was a leak in the tent, but the vast majority of the reviews were positive. The Eurmax tent seems like a great tailgate tent for those who are willing to spend a bit more and have some strong people to transport it.

ABCCANOPY Pop up Canopy Tent

This is a tailgate tent that really offers a lot of bang for your buck. It’s not cheap, but you get a lot for your money. From the canopy to the frame to the bag, it’s all extremely heavy-duty and truly has a commercial or industrial feel to it. Note that this canopy is 100% waterproof, which is not common with many canopy tents. This is invaluable on a rainy day.

This package includes stakes and sandbags, which are not always provided with other tents. It’s offered in more colors than you could ask for. Odds are, they have your team color. It’s a bear to set up, so it would be best if you had two people to help set up and teardown.

Customer reviews and feedback is overwhelmingly positive for this tent. People love the quality feel of the materials. And while the setup takes a lot of work it’s easy to do so and not frustrating. The frames and pins click into place well.

Some customers have reported relatively quick failure of the canopy and frame. We can’t trace this down to an issue with the materials, because we’ve inspected the tent ourselves and found it among the sturdiest out there. It’s possible that there are quality assurance issues or a bad batch shipped out, but we feel pretty good about the durability of this one. The other biggest complaint is the time to set up. There’s no denying that this is one of the most difficult to set up, but once it’s up, it’s also one of the best to perform.

AmazonBasics Pop Up Tent

AmazonBasics has a 10×10 tent with a lightweight steel frame and a pop-up cathedral-style design with plenty of room up top. The legs are angled and provide 96 square feet of shade. There are no sidewalls, so you’re limited to what’s over your own. The steel frame is high-quality with a white powder coating.

The tent easily folds down into a 5-foot long bundle for light and easy transport. When it is folded, the tent weighs just 27 pounds. This is among the smallest and lightest on our list. Color options are limited, just blue or a dark gray.

Although this tent is marketed as a simple, budget tent that is not necessarily rain resistant, many customers felt that this tent was far too fragile to use. One customer ordered a tent that broke, contacted Amazon, and when they replaced it, and the new one also broke. One customer, however, thought that the fabric was thick and the legs were sturdy, but didn’t feel it was easy to set up. Even those who liked it noted the tent as not durable.

For short or infrequent tailgates, this is a good option that will save your wallet and back. But if you’re a frequent tailgater or plan to rough up your tent, this will likely prove too lightweight for your tailgate tent.

Crown Shades Pop Up Tent

This Crown Shades pop up tent can be set up and taken down with relative ease with the central hub set-up system. The tent slides upward into position, can be opened, and then locked. The straight leg design creates 100 square feet of shade. It is 10×10 with three different height adjustments; the tallest level is over 9 feet. To adjust the height, simply push the buttons located on the four legs.

The steel frame has a powder-coated finish. The canopy is made of 150D oxford fabric and, according to the manufacturer, and is water-resistant. Included in the tent set are 4 ropes, 8 stakes, a top, and a carrier bag with a strong zipper and a comfortable rubber handle.

The Crown Shades Pop Up tent received a lot of praise from customers, but the most enthusiastic praise was for Crown Shades’ customer service. Several people said their frames collapsed, or the canvas ripped after the first or second use, but they ultimately gave the product four or five stars because the company gave a full replacement frame or canvas, and the replacement was long-lasting and high-quality.

Many people were pleased with the inventive design and the ease of putting up the tent and taking it down. One woman in her 70s was pleased that she could put the tent up herself.

So what’s the best tailgate tent for you?

Which is the best tent for your tailgate? Deciding on the best tent depends on your priorities.

If your budget is $100-150, you’ll struggle to find a better option than the Coleman, Eurmax, or ABCANOPY tents that we’ve highlighted above. These tents are solid. They’re not going to last forever, but they will certainly survive years of hardcore tailgating.

Are you looking for a good, sturdy tent for around $100? You can’t go wrong with either the AmazonBasics or Crown Shades. When you go online, you’ll find some tents out there less than $100. Some as low as $70. Don’t do it. We’ve seen and tested these ourselves and they’re not worth it. You’ll find yourself seeking out a replacement quickly, and your tailgate guests may question your commitment.

Whichever tent you go with, do a trial set up and inspect all the parts a few weeks before you set out. That way, you can check for faulty parts and make sure the tent will meet your needs.